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Air Conditioning/Refrigeration includes diagnosis and repair of domestic and commercial refrigeration equipment along with refrigerant recovery and servicing of all refrigeration components. [EPA/CFC Certification Review - 2 Year course]

Automotive Electronics covers electronic systems Including ABS (braking), air bag, fuel injection and sensor theory plus analysis and testing of related on-board computer functions. (1 year course)

Automotive Mechanics Includes diagnosis and repair of all components including alignment, brakes, engines, exhaust and related accessories. [I year course]

Carpentry (interior and exterior) includes house-framing and interior finish carpentry and plastering techniques. (1 year course)

Computerized Technical Drawing (C.A.D.) includes architectural, mechanical and structural drafting techniques, along with specification writing and model-making. [I year course]

Computer Electronics/Repair includes diagnosis and repair of computer hardware, installation of accessories and software. (I term)

Computer Office Systems includes information processing, Windows, Microsoft's Office, database management, phone etiquette and fax machine operation. [I year course]

Digital Printing Technologies Includes both layout-design and reproduction, along with collating, folding, stitching, trimming, padding, laminating and other finishing operations used in the trade. [I year course]

Electrical Installation Includes installation of all electrical systems Including pipe and surface mounted wiring to standard electrical code requirements [I year course]

Food Preparation/Catering includes basic preparation and presentation of both hot and cold foods, marketing skills, restaurant management, menu design and inventory control. (1 year course)

Heating/Ventilation includes training for installations of electrical, gas and oil bumer systems, along with the operation of domestic and commercial boiler systems. (1 year course]

Horticulture/Landscaping includes design, layout and planting of flowers, shrubs and trees, along with arrangement of cut-flower displays. [I year course]

Nail Art includes training in manicuring, pedicuring techniques, nail decoration and grooming skills. [I year course]

Natural Hairstyling includes hair analysis, shampoos, cutting, shaping, braiding, locking, weaving & styling. (1 year course)

Plumbing (water & waste line) installations involving pipe sweating, pipe threading and other related operations. [I year course]

Welding [gas & electric) includes oxyacetylene, MIG, TIG, arc welding & brazing techniques. Can lead to city and state licensing [I year]

Other Educational Opportunities - Students may also enroll in our PM school program which runs from 3:30 P. m. to 5:30 P. m., Tuesdays and Thursdays, to take additional training in a variety of areas for more school credit.

Adult Students - Co-Op Tech will accept adults over the age of 18 who are without high school or G.E.D. diplomas, into our day school programs where seats are available. Adults over the age of 21 may enter into our Evening School Programs, meeting from 6:15 to 8:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays for additional training in a variety of areas.

See your home school counselor or call Co-Op Tech at 212-369-8800